What have Adults in Custody (AIC) said about us?

All from former inmates

 "Returning to my unit from the dining hall, I noticed some copies of the Christian ScienceJournal and Sentinel  on a bookshelf at the entrance to the unit. The first thing that  occurred to me as I read was that whoever wrote these articles  understood something I desperately needed to learn. It was so perfectly  obvious to me that what these publications were saying was based on a  demonstrable truth, and on a concept of God that I had never encountered  before. "After  my release I joined The Mother Church and a branch church. Eventually I  was appointed and served for five years as the Christian Science  Chaplain at the facility I had been paroled from. I also served in that  capacity in several other prisons and correctional facilities in  California... I have been involved in this Institutional Services  activity in one role or another since that time." - A former inmate