From the Executive Committee

 Our committee's work makes Christian Science activities available to people confined in institutions to  those who are unable to take advantage of our churches' public  activities.  Students of Christian Science who represent this committee  visit and pray with those requesting it who are confined in prisons,  jails, mental hospitals and juvenile facilities in Oregon.

    The  motive for undertaking this work is not to 'spread' Christian Science or  enlarge church membership, but to respond to those reaching out for the  truth that makes free, that reforms, heals, and uplifts.  Our outreach  programs have helped many inmates and patients to overcome physical,  mental and spiritual challenges through application of the truths taught  and proved by Christ Jesus.

    Our mission is to fulfill Jesus'  command, "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every  creature." (Mark 16:15)  The work is challenging and equally rewarding,  and offers many opportunities for spiritual growth. We invite you to  join us in our efforts to facilitate the healing chaplaincy which  addresses the needs of those individuals currently incarcerated. 

About Us and Our Work

 "What the  chaplaincy brings is a new beginning, a ray of light and hope where  there was none before. These people are not the same men, women and  youths they were months ago. It's inspiring to see their progress."

                 - A volunteer 

Healing and Progress

 "As  I choose to identify myself with Spirit, God, Good, as I resolutely  direct my mind to contemplate only what is true;... my thoughts, words  and actions become God's ambassador in this place (prison.)"
       - An inmate 

Join Us

 "Christian  Science is no longer the religious class I go to, but the only way I  know to live my life. I now experience tranquility, am no longer afraid,  and some serious health problems have disappeared. I appreciate the  dedication of the volunteers and the Quarterlies given to us."                   - An inmate 

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