What does the CS IS Committee in Oregon do?



The Purpose from the committee Bylaws reads:
1.  To provide a Christian Science ministry to residents at Federal,  State, County and City prisons, jails, hospitals, mental hospitals,  youth and veterans facilities in Oregon. 
 2.  To provide post-release Christian Science information to residents prior to their release.


 To fulfill the purpose we:

 -   Provide bonafides for state and federal organizations to work with the  churches and our volunteers. The Oregon Department of Corrections wants an organization/community  behind each volunteer. We create a body of knowledge about state and  county facilities to help volunteers and churches help those who are otherwise unable to access Christian Science services.

 -  Provide subscriptions to facilities and to a few AICs.

 -  Provide volunteers with metaphysical and practical support in their IS work.

 -  Provide full-text quarterlies for services, copies of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, The Bible and other materials at the request of volunteers and reimburse volunteers based on mileage.  

 -  Facilitate lectures in institutions. In some cases we help with funding.

 -  Provide a PO Box for all to contact us, including AICs looking for literature and volunteers to visit.

 -  Facilitate connecting released persons with those that can guide them to fulfilling needs to stay out and stay connected with Christian Science as appropriate.  


We are funded entirely through donations from individuals and Christian Science branch churches and societies. The pooling of those funds allows us to provide a service not available otherwise.

     Besides the general fund, there is also a Lecture Fund and a Literature Fund. 

 Checks can be sent to 

       CSCIS in OR

       PO Box 1233

      Wilsonville OR 97070


Where we are actively serving

 "I've been  learning that anger isn't of God. God is Love and Truth, and anger is a  lie. I will be released in 38 days and will be using the tools I've  learned. I am also learning to help others."
                  - An inmate